Saturday, 13 November 2010

Again being useless.

I have decided that I well and truly admire all you wonderful bloggers out there. I struggle to know where you find the inspiration or the time. H I am going to try and be a little more news worthy as my last post was MARCH!!!!! As we say in twitter world #fail

Latest news for Be Gorgeous....We will be on ASOS!!!!! Yeah baby. Once we are live I Shall post the details out there.

We shall also working with Smudge Magazine which launches in December! Again shall post the details!

Finally keep your eyes on our site as we have lots of new jewellery coming in which I am so exited about! If you adore vintage inspired pieces or anything a lil funky then it will be your thing.

So guys to help me a little bit let me know the kind of things you want to hear about. I generally lack inspiration as I don't think you guys want to know! All feedback appreciated