Thursday, 4 August 2011

Folk festival....Warwick comes alive and Twestival!

The weekend just gone was the Folk Festival in Warwick. I know folk....sounds so....twee? However its always an amazing event and really gets Warwick buzzing. This year I had a stall outside the wife's store corina corina. At about 10.30 some young folk with guitars starting setting up a stage opposite to us. Very shortly we had our very own little music festival. They were there to promote a music festival at The Newbold Comyn Arms in Leamington which will be held on the 29th August.

They were so good I had to record them!

The lad below had an incredible voice. (Was amazing at the strength of it as it was so little!) He absolutely bowled me over! He did both covers and songs he had written with his band!

There were two young female performers as well. All writing their own songs as well as doing well known covers. All amazing and both with their own style.

There are more videos on our new You Tube page!
I know what I will be doing on the 29th August (despite the next day I am going to Reading to see Muse!) 

I think it would be a fantastic day for the Warwick Tweetup lot! We could call it the #warwicktweetuptwestival.

Let me know who is up for it!

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  1. Great idea Lindsey... I'll get my head together and round up the troops!
    Warwicktweetuptwestival here we come!