Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey you guys! Feeling retro and the truffle shuffle!

For those of you who get the references you know which iconic film my title is quoted from.....for those of who don't you need to revisit the Goonies. 

On Sunday I may have been a little worse for wear and rather than facing the day on for the first time ever I retreated to my bed and wallowed in my own self pity post cooked breakfast. With nothing but the usual Sunday afternoon dross on the box.... I dug through my DVD collection and found the Goonies. I was actually so excited by this fact I cant tell you!

Whilst enjoying my favourite childhood film and laughing at the truffle shuffle and the broken member of the statue.... I rembered I used to own a Goonies t-shirt....This prompted a wee look on the EBay app....low and behold I spent money without even leaving my bed! I may be too old for a Goonies t-shirt, however I am playing the retro cool card. If that don't wash with you lot well goes I openly admit I am a geek and a little bit of an outsider which mean I am a Goonie and Goonies never say die!

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