Thursday, 14 July 2011

So I disappeared! Why? Well here is an epic explanation with a whole heap of honesty!

Those of you who know me well will have noticed over the last few months I have been slack on my updates on Twitter and Facebook. Don't even mention the blog as the last update was over 6 MONTHS AGO! Why have I disappeared? Well.... I fell out of love!

Back on the 24th December 2010 Be Gorgeous in Warwick closed its doors for the final time to move exclusively on-line. This was a decision that was entirely business driven. The website was and is doing really well and I had to make a decision based on profitability. Its fine to be cold and calculating and to make that decision and to follow it through. However the aftermath is something I did not expect. Emotionally I was a wreck the dream I had set out to have was no longer viable. Yes, I had a fabulous business but not the one I had set out with all my hopes and dreams wrapped up in it.....However I adopted the keep calm and carry on approach. Which seemingly means locking it all in a big ol' box and burying all that emotion nice and deep in an entirely unhealthy way!

To top it off 4 weeks later my relationship of 8 years (We had been together since I was 17 years old) broke down! In the space of 5 short weeks I had gone from owning a shop, a house, having a long term relationship to having none of the above. Effectively I was starting from scratch.

I have spent the last 6 months bumbling along existing and for want of a better phrase 'been trying to find myself'. Hence the tumble weed on my profiles! I have been lacking the energy and the drive. I loved my pretty little shop and all the verity it bought to my life. I never set out to have an on-line business, and being chained to a computer all day meant I fell out of love with Be Gorgeous. Lets face it! It just wasn't the dream. I can admit all this now.....the romance with Be Gorgeous has started over!

Recently I have dealt with some fantastic customers who have made me realise I can have a fabulous relationship with my girls in-spite of the fact I don't see them face to face. I made so many friends in Warwick that are here for life! I hope the same can be said for those that come into my life via the ether.

The last 6 months have been difficult. In spite of that I really thought I had dealt with everything so well until I went to see Bridesmaids....the main character closes her business, loses her boyfriend and generally she's at rock bottom. It is a film that's meant to be a riot! I laughed lots but I cried when no one else was. This was a little realisation that maybe I have not dealt with everything quite so fabulously well! So now my love for Be Gorgeous is starting to bloom again thanks to a few amazing customers I am feeling a need to share my thoughts feelings, and the pretty gorgeous things I find and fabulous business's I come across.

I may be up....I may be down but I will be here and dedicated to the cause!

They say when your at rock bottom the only way is up!


  1. we love you Lindsey and we miss the fabulous Be Gorgeous on Smith St, but your spirit remains and we feel the love on line, onwards and upwards darling! xxx

  2. Your honesty is really moving, Lindsey. You're doing such a brilliant job with the website, just keep it up and I'm sure everything will work out for you xxx

  3. hi lindsey
    a very honest review of trying to run your own business, and those who havn't tried it don't realise that a shop has a personality , not that which the shopper sees but one with the owner, it does become a huge part of your life. i think the actual word is anthropomorphism. I frequently have rows with mine,