Saturday, 16 July 2011

Working at Corina Corina and the Wife

Today I am working at Corina Corina in Warwick. The inspirational and dynamic owner Ella Myles is someone who I got to know via my shop. She opened up just over 2 years ago on the same street where Be Gorgeous used to be based before we moved online.

Right from the off we became good friends, we were in the same boat. Small retailers trying to provide something different from the rest of the pack! We became each others go to on a tough day. For those who follow me on twitter you will know that I refer to her as the wife! Being a small retailer is not easy at the best of times. The recession was a dark time and retail is still very tough. You just need to look at the major retailers who have gone to the wall even in the last few weeks alone, trading is tough and everyone is having to be innovative and creative. However due to Ella's business model she has created something viable in the current climate. Clever lady!

Her shop is full of vintage and designer gems. Below I have show cased my favorite accessories from her website

Lea Stein is very collectible

Gorgeous brooch prefect for summer dating back to the 1950's

Gorgeous original bag that is in perfect condition

Again it all goes back to being friends for life! I don't know what I would do without my weekly visit to Corina Corina and our near daily texts. Cheers to the wife!

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